Technology Explained



Ceramic Hob

Works using radiant heat generated by elements beneath the ceramic surface. The fkat surface is easy to clean and looks sleek in a contemporary seting.

Gas Hob

Naked flame produced by gas fuelled burners. Pans supported by metal pan supports. Preferred by some for the real flame cooking.

Induction Hob

Works using  strong electro magnet ( induction coil ) positioned beneath the ceramic surface. Heat is generated directly in the pan and not in the ceramic surface. Efficient, safe and quick.


Halogen Hob


Uses light sourced heat, backed up by radiant heat from halogen light generated beneath the ceramic surface. Quicker than aconventional ceramic hob.

Built In

Any appliance installed into a cabinet , not under the work surface. Allows the convenience of eye level cooking and refrigeration.

Built Under

Any appliance installed under the work surface.

Single Oven

One cooking cavity containing both the oven and grill. It can be built under or built in ( Gas / Electric ). Only the oven or grill can be operated at any one time.

Double Oven

Two cooking cavities, normally with a larger oven in the bottom and a smaller oven in the top which also contains a grill. Can be built under or built in, gas or electric. More versatile as the oven and grill, or two oven operation is available at the same time.

Conventional Oven

Heat is produced by elements usually at the bottom and / or top of the oven. The heat travels by natural convection, good for long slow cooking. Not as popular as they are slower, although some people still prefer cooking by this method.

Fan Oven

The most popular heat method, an element around the fan distributes heat evenly and quickly throughout the oven for same temperature cooking at all levels.

Multi Function Oven

Has the option of fan or conventional cooking, grill or fan grilling. It offers the versatility of different types of cooking.

Anti Bacterial Protection

A coating used by some fridge/freezers, which helps reduce the number of bacteria and reduces odours.

Frost Free

This automatically defrosts the freezer compartment at regular intervals to prevent a build up of ice and helps keep the appliance running at optimum level.

Economy Holiday Setting

Very handy if you are going away for a long period. It reduces the freezer’s power consumption, while keeping food fresh.

Super Cool

This feature cools the fridge compartment for a pre-set time. Handy if you’ve put a lot of food into the fridge and want it to cool down rapidly.

Super Fast Freezing

Useful when you are freezing fresh food. It freezes the food rapidly, to preserve its goodness.

Weight Adjust Cooking

Just enter the food code and weight, the microwave oven automatically selects the correct cooking time and temperature.

Auto Defrost

A handy microwave oven feature. You just enter the weight of the food and the microwave automatically selects the best programme.

Reduced Ironing Option

A feature found on some washing machines, which helps reduce creasing during the spinning cycle.

Super Quick Wash

A 15 minute wash program that can be used for small quantities of lightly soiled laundry.

Timer Delay

Allows you to set the time when an appliance will start operating. Useful if you want to take advantage of lower electricity tariffs or the machine to start operating when you get home.


3D Aquaspa   Wash  System  


A system  used by some washing machines, in which water enters the machine from three sides for faster and more effective water distribution.

Child Lock

A system which involves entering a short sequence of digits to operate a washing machine. It means that if a child presses a button during a wash cycle, the program remains uninterrupted.

Condenser Drying

Used by many tumble dryers, it removes moisture from the air without using an extractor hose. This means your tumble dryer can be located in any well ventilated room.

Triple Rating

A dishwasher that has the highest rating for washing, drying and energy efficency.


Any appliance designed to have a furniture door fitted to it, to be hidden from view. Intended to make your appliance look like cupboards.

Semi Integrated 

Any appliance designed to be partly hidden from view ( applies to some dishwashers ). Gives an alternative look which may be preferred by some, perhaps where free standing appliances are present in the design.

HEPA ( High Efficiency Particulate Air )

A vacuum cleaner filter that removes very small particles. Useful if anyone in the household suffers from allergies.


Intended to extract cooking smells and vapours from the kitchen and introduce lighting above the hob. Usually ducted outside the house but if this is not possible, a filter is installed and the air re-circulated. This alternative is also very efficient.

Energy Ratings

The energy label attached to each product is the easiest way to see how efficient an appliance is. A+++ is the most efficient with D being the least. Dark green shows the best efficiency while dark red is the least. The lower section on the label varies on each label and uses symbols to display other useful information on the appliances.